Our Vision

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In 1999, Bill and Chris Thompson founded Thompson and Thompson Nuclear Services, Inc. Their primary focus was on providing local temporary staffing and management for hospitals and clinics in and around the area of nuclear medicine and health physics.

The family’s vision is to build a great Radiation Safety and Health Physics family business, creating prosperity and pride by doing what they believe in. What they believe in is doing things properly: providing our customers with the best products and service; being a great place to work; and sharing our success with all our stakeholders, including our local community, suppliers, and environment.

In 2015, they expanded their team to bring new creative insights and strengthen business, marketing, and management expertise. Bill and Chris started a new venture, RSOtoGO, that provides additional services to medical offices while continuing to broaden their customer base across the nation with instructor-led training and consulting services.

Our Values

Being a family business, it’s no surprise that we think of our business as a legacy, to be handed down to future generations of stakeholders. By stakeholders, we mean everyone who contributes to the business’s success; the family owners, the people who work for us, the communities we live in, our suppliers, and our customers.

In practice, our business is guided by a set of principles– Prosperity, People, Product, Passion and Process. These principles underpin everything we do. You’ll find examples of some our values in practice in our home as well as in the field.